Cartogram of the world's languages

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The cartogram of the world's languages is adapted from the cartogram example by Shawn Allen. The size of each country is scaled by the number of languages that are spoken in its territory. Each language in the sample is only attributed to one country. The sample contains 7,293 languages. Each language is plotted with a small blue dot on the map if the "Show language locations" option is selected. If you mouse over the (distorted) world map, you see the number of languages for the respective countries.

cartogram.js is a JavaScript implementation of an algoritm to construct continuous area cartograms, by James A. Dougenik, Nicholas R. Chrisman and Duane R. Niemeyer, ©1985 by the Association of American Geographers. This example combines TopoJSON-encoded boundaries of the world from Natural Earth with geographical information about the world's languages (kindly provided by Östen Dahl). The population estimates are taken from the United Nations World Population Prospects from 2010. Geo-coordinates have been mapped to countries with

The cartogram implementation is designed and built by Shawn Allen at Stamen. d3.js does most of the heavy lifting; colors by colorbrewer.